Akueme’s Initiatives Towards Humanity

Akueme’s Initiatives Towards Humanity

Akueme’s Initiatives Towards Humanity

By Chris Ike Enemoh

√ Constitutes MAF Medical Team

√ Offsets Medical Bills

√ The Maurice Akueme Foundation Girls’ Empowerment Initiative

√ Empowers Traders, Widows.

√ Empowers Youths With Thousands of Dollars

√ Places Unemployed Youths on Monthly Stipends

√ Maurice Akueme Foundation Bursary and Scholarship Scheme

√ MAF ICT Resource Center and Food Bank

√ Infrastructural Development
– Road projects
– Water project
– Power project at Udi Gen Hospital
– Construction of toilets

Reacting to a popular quote from Martin Luther King Jr “what are you doing for others”.

This quote is a direct reflection of a man Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme whose light shines upon thousands.

Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme a humanitarian and philanthropist has in recent time won the love of many through his programs.

If the founder of the Maurice Akueme Foundation hasn’t reached you directly that means he would have indirectly either through relationship or friendship.

But fact is that there’s someone you know who is a beneficiary of the popular Maurice Akueme Foundation.

Akueme is that brain behind the success reached by the foundation.

Akueme sees life as a give and take as represented in these quotes; “in giving you are receiving”, “we grow by lifting others”, “givers never lack”, etcetera.

Chief Maurice through his foundation has touched many lives and put smiles on the faces of thousand.

Akueme’s initiatives towards humanity is next to none, initiatives which has caused a group to name him “silent achiever and humanitarian”, “Njikokamma”, some— “oji palliative eme ôgô”, others “Mr. Palliatives”, and many; “father to the fatherless”, “husband of the widow”, “new darling of Enugu Youths”, “oji alert agwô ôrîa”, and as many as they are.

Akueme has supported the Government of Enugu state under the ebullient leadership of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi without seeking for favor.

His support to the government have touched various areas viz; human capital development, emergency management, poverty alleviation, empowerment, bursary, scholarship, etc.

Through these means, the people have felt the presence of the government.

Njikokamma Enugu State has through his foundation impacted positively and here comes some answers to Martin Luther King Jr’s quote “what are you doing for others”

Establishment of Maurice Akueme Foundation Medical Team;

Chief Maurice Akueme has established a medical team known as MAF Medical Team; “Health is Wealth and as such one has to stay healthy” says Akueme.

The President and Founder of the Maurice Akueme Foundation has appointed some medical professionals to manage the team.

The Medical Team is headed by Dr Ngozi Akueme – Consultant
Blessing Oge – Registered Nurse
Tochi Odenigbo – Public Health Professional taxed with the following responsibilities to cater for the rural dealers;

– Health checks
– Blood pressure
– Pulse rate
– Blood sugar
– Body temperature
– Vital signs
– Headaches and Fever
– First Aid

The medical team is running a twice in a week clinical services at the MAF Grassroots Centre in Ukana.

Offsets Medical Bills;

Chief Maurice Akueme through his foundation offsets bills of those who have become prisoners of medication, the most recent which is the MAF tour to General Hospital in Udi Local Govt Area where bills of all hospitalized patients were paid in advance.

The payment of N50,000 surgery fee for one Mr. Abel Aondoyima’s son who publicly appreciated this aid on Facebook.


The Maurice Akueme Foundation Girl’s Empowerment;

This arm of the foundation sees to the training of young girls and empowering them to become future women leaders.

This training and empowerment of young girls will affect all the 17 Local Government Areas of Enugu State, other neighboring states inclusive.

The MAF Girl’s Empowerment has the following leaders;

Amaka Ozougwu as Coordinator, Amaka Odenigbo as Director of Programs, Stella Maris Nwede as Chief Facilitator while Judith Agu and Lilian Maduabuchi are facilitators.

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Empowers Traders, Widows;

Through his foundation; Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme has empowered traders and widows, the most recent which is the empowerment of Nne Zinny.

Zinny sponsors herself through school by selling Ôkpa.

According to the MAF president; he spotted Zinny on Facebook when she advertised her business of Ôkpa, he felt impressed and decided to empower her to improve her cash flow.


Akueme has also empowered widows who decided to appreciate him by conferring on him their “grand patron”

Chief Akueme has placed many widows on monthly stipends and have appointed liaison officers who are charged with the responsibility of getting in touch with other widows and recommending such for assistance from MAF.

Empowers Youths With Thousands of Dollars;

Akueme is currently on a mission of turning many youths into billionaire through crypto currency trading.

He has trained many youths for free and empowered them by crediting their trading platforms with thousands of dollars for start up.

Places Unemployed Youths on Monthly Stipends/Job Seekers Allowance;

The MAF Boss have also placed many jobless youths and job seekers on monthly stipends in support of the executive Governor of Enugu state on human capital development.

These efforts according to Chief Akueme will alleviate and palliate the youths from considering criminal acts. These act has indeed reduced the level of crime in the state.

At the end of every month, they received alerts from a man they have never worked for. Akueme does not have to know his beneficiaries for them to benefit.

Maurice Akueme Foundation Bursary and Scholarship Scheme;

More than 50 indigent students are beneficiaries of the MAF Scholarship scheme and over 200 indigent students have benefitted from the MAF Bursary.

The most recent was when on 26th March, Chief Akueme doled out N1 million for 100 students across all the 17 Local Government Areas of Enugu state in commemoration of Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s 57th birthday and the MAF Bursary for Udi students.

The MAF Bursary for Udi students is meant to award 100 indigent students of Udi local government area with N20,000 each, an award which will be disbursed in batches.

As an Easter surprise; on 2nd April, 2021 Chief Maurice Akueme published the first list/batch for MAF Udi indigent students bursary to be disbursed on 14th April, 2021 while the procedure for obtaining forms for free continues.

This feat according to Akueme has come to stay and will be disbursed yearly.

MAF ICT Resource Center and Food Bank;

Akueme has constructed the Maurice Akueme Foundation Information and Communication Technology/ Resource Center with the aim of grooming children and adults for future endeavors.

In the MAF ICT Center under the care of Mr. JohnPaul Akueme, the students are taught the basics of computer, graphics design, web design and coding and a lot more, at the end of the session certificates are issued.

This feat will help the rural dwellers to become computer literates and as well placed to compete with the urban dwellers who have every access to computer literacy.

He has also established the MAF food bank built to distribute food stuffs to the poor, the old and the indigent in the rural areas.

Food is usually transported with the MAF Mobile food bank to various communities to palliate people.

Infrastructural Development;
– Road Projects
– Water Project
– Power Project at Udi General Hospital
– Construction of Toilets

Earlier stated how the government of Government Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has reflected on the good people of Enugu state through Akueme’s Maurice Akueme Foundation.

Tagged “Mr. Palliatives”, Chief Maurice Akueme has also embarked on infrastructural development in his locality.

We shall in brief take a look at some of these projects initiated and completed by Akueme;

Recall that In 2020, he took responsibility of grading some roads in Ukana community to link major cities in Udi local government area, he commissioned portable water project for the rural dwellers, he restored a big power generating set at Udi General hospital, he donated buses to aid travellers to the rural areas and to serve as MAF Mobile Food Bank, amongst others.

Recently he took the construction of two units of ultramodern toilets for Amaozalla Affa Secondary School as a priority owned to the fact that the students usually took the risk of going to nearby bushes for defecation which is dangerous to both the students and members of the community.

These are parts of Akueme’s Initiatives Towards Humanity, his undying commitment to putting smiles on the faces of the people is next to none.

Keep up with us on Mafnation News while we discuss this topic; “Akueme’s Initiatives Towards Humanity”.

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