Why Gburuchi Sees Gburugburu as a Father

Why Gburuchi Sees Gburugburu as a Father

Why Gburuchi Sees Gburugburu as a Father

By Chris Ike Enemoh

The National Coordinator of the Maurice Akueme Foundation Hon. Mike CJ Madu(Gburuchi) has on several occasions proven that Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi(Gburugburu) is his father.

Many times people begin to wonder how real this could be or how intimidating or embarrassing the Governor could feel.

Here’s to tell you why Gburuchi sees Gburugburu as a father, a father of multitudes.

While praising the Governor; Gburuchi once said “Enugu is blessed to have Ugwuanyi on the throne of governance in Enugu State”, this is evident in the Governor’s peaceful approach towards matters.

The executive Governor of Enugu State Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has all it takes to continue to ride on the horse of leadership; even across Enugu State.

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It takes wisdom to apply knowledge in the course of restoring peace especially where there is conflict and fortunately Governor Ugwuanyi has made Enugu state a conflict free zone.

The Enugu we are enjoying today is not the Enugu we had 1999 – 2007.

It may not have been entirely the fault of the former Governor Chimaroke Nnamani as at then that Enugu was a war zone but Gburugburu restored, reactivated and reformed Enugu state into what it is today.

Gburuchi sees Gburugburu as a father of all because he has embraced everybody.

Today; someone in another party gets an executive appointment into the cabinet of Governor Ugwuanyi;
After elections Governor Ugwuanyi did not cast away those who didn’t support and vote for him rather he gathered them closer to his heart.

Governor Ugwuanyi has disappointed many who thought they could never earn a place in his heart; today they dine with him.

Many states in Nigeria experience killings, kidnappings of opposition party members but in Enugu state the reverse is the case.

Opposition party members are well protected and included.

Gburuchi said he wished other states can emulate a humble servant like Gburugburu.

He also said it takes a peaceful mind to make a nation peaceful and he prayed that Governor Ugwuanyi shall one day lead Nigeria to that promised land.

In many states, NGOs do not operate very successfully as many politicians see the founders as though they could advance into politics some day, they are therefore seen as prospective rivals. Here in Enugu according to Gburuchi in several of his statements; “During the Covid-19 lock down, the Maurice Akueme Foundation was moving around palliating the indigent without hitches;

it is because the Governor has made Enugu state a peaceful area.

Governor Ugwuanyi, a proactive leader responds to every human need as long as it is within the reach of the government.

In the issuance of scholarships, the infrastructural development especially in the rural areas, education, youth development, youth and women inclusiveness in governance, Gburus is the best.

Gburugburu is grooming the leaders of tomorrow by including mostly youths in his cabinet.

Because of Gburugburu’s show of love and in appreciation to his good style of governance, Chief Maurice Emeka Akueme founded The Njikokamma Movement for Gburugburu which Hon. Gburuchi is the Director General.

The group is a political organization which tends to support strongly the government of Governor Ugwuanyi.

Gburuchi’s love grew even stronger for Gburugburu due to Gburu’s insistence on the zoning system practiced in Enugu state which has maintained unity.

As a way of supporting the zoning system, Hon. Madu,(Gburuchi) has founded the “Onye Udi Jee Senate 2023” movement.

This move appeals that an Udi man be given the Enugu West Senate ticket come 2023 hence no Udi man has ever tasted the Senate sit for once.

Indeed Governor Ugwuanyi is the man after God’s heart.

Long live Gburugburu…
God bless Enugu State!!!


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