Ike Ekweremadu Has Been Banned From Lincoln University

Ike Ekweremadu Has Been Banned From Lincoln University

Ike Ekweremadu Has Been Banned From Lincoln University

The University of Lincoln has banned Senator Ike Ekweremadu, from serving as a visiting professor, in the wake of the allegation he tried to ‘harvest organs from a 15-year-old boy that had been trafficked to the UK using a fake passport’.

A consultant working in a NHS hospital refused to remove the vital organ of the would-be-kidney donor who was allegedly trafficked to London from the streets of Lagos by the former deputy president of the Nigerian Senate and his wife, a court heard.

Ike Ekweremadu, 60, and Beatrice Ekweremadu, 55, are accused of taking the homeless youngster to the UK from Nigeria to transplant his organs into their daughter who is suffering from kidney failure.

Ekweremadu and wife, Nwanneka were however apprehended by the UK police and arraigned in a court in UK, they were both denied bail as the hearing was adjourned to July 7.

A University of Lincoln Spokesperson said: ‘Visiting professors are often, as is in this case, non-resident at the university, unpaid and advisory.

‘We are deeply concerned about the nature of these allegations but as this is an active police investigation, we cannot comment further at this stage.

‘Whilst this matter is subject to investigation, this person will not be undertaking any duties as visiting professor at Lincoln,’ the spokesperson said, according to Mail Online .
The doctor at the Royal Free in Camden became suspicious about whether the alleged victim was aware he was the donor of the kidney and whether he was 41 as his passport claimed.

The 15-year-old was given the passport of a 41-year-old in order to get into the UK, but did not know he was there to donate a kidney until he went a hospital appointment in London, a court heard yesterday.

After he arrived in the capital in February he had a string of medical appointments about kidney donation.

But a consultant at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, North London, became concerned about the boy’s real age and if he knew he was there to donate an organ, it is alleged.

Mr Ekweremadu has been an elected senator at the Abuja-based parliament since 2003 after moving into politics after years as a lawyer.

His wife, five years his junior, is an academic and doctor and also a major public figure in Nigeria. They are believed to have four adult children.

Both denied trafficking the boy known as David Ukpo Nwamini.

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